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Not what I expected......

What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on Memegen.net

Northern. Whether you have the world famous Inland North accent of the Great Lakes area, or the radio-friendly sound of upstate NY and western New England, your accent is what used to set the standard for American English pronunciation (not much anymore now that the Inland North sounds like it does).

If you are not from the North, you are probably one of the following:
(a) A Southerner who hates Southern accents and tries really hard to "talk right"; or
(b) A New Yorker or New Jerseyan who doesn't have the full accent

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

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D: OMG Yao Lives! *pounces* So what did you expect from the quiz?
*ish pouncificatilizatificatilizatificated*
I pleasantly got southern ^^ and good to hear from you again Mr. Chi
And good to hear from you as well, Acroth !
Yay you live again *pounces*
Yao lives! Huzzaahh!

Good to see you and all. ^^
*gasps and inhales deeply*

"I'm alive"


"I am aren't I ?"
I get "western". This is correct.
*gives you a cowboy hat*
Seems everyone is as surprised As I am about Yao posting again! I am glad as well! :D
I am as surprised as anyone.... Hello LJ !
G'morning. How's tricks? Haven't heard from you in ages!
Hope you are doing well.

I am busy surviving California's poisonous economy.

Huzzah !

How about yourself ?
Well enough. That was an impressively long time between original comment and reply, mind ye :p

Working towards getting a slightly different magic piece of paper, as the first one didn't pan out. Working on programming stuff in the interim, some of which I get paid for. Life's a little rough around the edges, but better than it has been.