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Escape Into The Sky


Over the years, I have experienced a number of dreams which I classify as 'Dragon Dreams'. The common denominator in all of these is that no matter how many dragons there are in them, I am one also. If there is but one dragon in it, then that dragon is my personal self.

Oddly enough, I have never related any of these dreams. This post shall change that. Last evening, less than 24 hours ago......

As I Recall It

I am in a house. I am myself. I am Yao Chi. And just as I am knee high here, I am knee high also in the dream. Yeah, I am a small dragon. So, kick me.

The house is big. Heck, it is huge. Some sort of a mansion with god alone knows how many rooms. And the rooms are big with really high ceilings. The rooms are bright, thanks to lots of huge, I mean really big, double hung windows. The place is immaculate, and expensively furnished.

I am on the floor, getting a really intimate view of lots of folks knees and craning my neck to look into their faces. These people have cameras. Big expensive professional looking ones. They are telling me to do things. And I am doing them as instructed. I have no recall of the purpose of this filming.

This must sound really neat.

It is not.

These windows with the huge expanses of glass allow me to see outside and to lust for the blue sky.


But every window, is covered, expertly and professionally with a fine steel mesh netting, which I cannot get through. Same for any doors that lead to the outside. Covered with this really durable steel mesh netting.

It is a fine mesh and not dense. Thus, the expert cameramen can film in these rooms and the windows seem clear. As if the netting is not there. Even I cannot see it when I am far enough away from it.

But it is there. And I am a prisoner here.

Are they fascinated with my plumage, is that why I am being filmed and asked to do things ? I don't know. Is it archival footage being shot ? Documentary ? Or am I performing for some production company. I am unsure.

The people are kind to me.


There are also guards. And they have weapons, including lethal ones. These guards are not like the folks I am working with. They do not smile. They are all business. Cold.

I want out.

Nothing more. The sky calls to me and I am unable to answer the call.

My soul hurts.

This house as I mentioned before, has many rooms. There are places in this house into which I am permitted to go. Others where I am not.

I find, a door unlocked which leads to places into which I have never been permitted before. Oddly, there is not a guard in sight when I make this discovery. Well for a moment anyway.

So, I go exploring. It is a food preparation area. A kitchen / pantry type of area. With skylights.

There IS netting in here, over the windows and even under the skylights. But the skylights are partially open and the netting under one of them is not thoroughly connected to the ceiling.

I think I can squeeze through that space.

I am galvanized into action without any further consideration, when I hear excitement elsewhere in the house. The guards are wondering where the hell I have gotten off to. I can hear their heavy boots on the floor as they are running around the house. This is not the normal state of affairs.

Fact is I have a choice.

I can turn around and amble into the hallway and all the excitement is likely to end.


I can strive to regain my freedom.


I leap for the skylight frantically flapping my wings. This is not a silent thing, my flying like this. The door slams open as I gain purchase on the netting and force may way along it into the open skylight. My wings because they are so very floofy, want to snag in this netting, as the space is also quite snug.


I manage to get through and onto the roof. All the while though, despite not looking back. In my mind's eye, I can visualize the guard lifting his shotgun, and in a single blast, reducing me to just so many blood spattered bits of feathers and gobbets of dragon meat.

I am technically on the roof for only long enough to fully exit the partially open skylight.

I am at the moment scared shitless ( apologies for the word but it best expresses my state of mind ) As soon as I can spread my wings again, I am leaping into the air and flying as fast as I can for the treeline and the cover it represents.

After this the dream is sort of fuzzy. I get out of range of the guards, but am aware that my captors have nearly endless resources. My gut sense is that their source of funds is the government. Not some secret agency, just the government. That they were holding me, was apparently no secret at all. As if having me was some sort of prize or such.

My travel after this is mostly a blur of feeling panicked and needing to get further and further away as fast as possible. I am well aware that my gaudy plumage in this case is going to be a serious handicap, but there is not one whit I can do about this.

Eventually I find a place that is serene and remote and under the obscuring canopy of trees. I am perched on a large branch in a tree, perhaps a large oak.

There is a dog, a labrador retriever. We are having a friendly conversation..... In the back of my mind, I know that I am going to need to move on soon, but this interlude is nice. See, I am in someone's back yard garden. If there is any kind of APB or some such for folks to report seeing me, it will be but the dialing of a phone and I am under pressure again. And folks who see me will not mistake me for anything else. They have seen pictures before, I am not an enigma.

That is primarily how the dream goes

There is one interlude which I think occured when I was between sleep and awakening after the main dream:

It seems that a guard had annoyed me in some way. Sufficiently that I tried to bite him to get him to leave me alone. Whereupon he had grabbed me by one of my hind legs and lifted me from the floor, wings frantically flapping. I am easy to lift, because I weigh hardly anything.

Then like a lab rat.

He swung me around and slammed me against that wall


He hurt me. A lot.

That is all I remember.
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