Yao Chi's Diary (yaochi) wrote,
Yao Chi's Diary

Someone else's post about their latest fortune cookie, has motivated me to ramble a bit about a certain one which I received some years ago. It was so strange, that I have never been able to forget it. The sentiments expressed, and the words and phraseology are such that it was both amusing and disturbing, all at the same time.

To whit, it said, as well as I can recall;

"You shall soon be crossing the great waters"

Now there is a fortune to give a person the willies, if ever there was one. It is not as direct as saying, you are going to die, so settle your affairs, nor is it sufficiently lucid to plainly say that you have travel plans in your future. No, it is darkly ambiguous in a rather disturbing fashion.

Surely the actual cause for this, is that the person who wrote it, did not have a clear understanding of the culture into which the fortune would makes its way. That the words, meant to be vague and exciting, would also incite cultural baggage of a morbid and darkly portentous nature.

One cannot help thinking of the River Styx, or the waters of Lethe, and such like concepts.

Oh well.

In more recent years, this same fortune, found its way into the first post of an introductory thread for Yao Chi in a place called the Napping Cat's Dream.

Should folks desire to see it, I can add a link. Just ask, and you shall receive.
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