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Bob Denver passes away

I realize, that in light of the loss and misery of Hurricane Katrina, this seems pointless.


I shall note the passing of Bob Denver anyhow.

There is something distinctly notable about long holiday weekends and vacations. Weird stuff happens while we are away from the crowds, television, the internet and radio.

Well, the radio is there, but simply not turned on.

It seems that things of note happen with regularity while we are away from the world and its trials.

Above and beyond the ongoing horrors, rescues and donations in and for the storm ravaged SouthEast, I observe the humble passage of an entertainer whose persona, I found I always enjoyed.

Most folks know Bob Denver as the inept shipwrecked member of the stranded party in the title role on Gilligans Island. He played a clueless yet kind and well meaning character. The role suited him and I liked him thus.

I first however became aware of Bob Denver for a small but regular part he played in the Dobie Gillis show. That of Maynard G. Krebs. Oh what a choice and idiosyncratic character he played. A beatnik. Frankly, for me, I would watch the rest of the show, for those rare moments when Bob Denver would appear on screen and be the strange and offbeat Maynard G. Krebs.

So, during the extended labor day weekend, Bob Denver, on Friday, September 2nd, finished his run here, and exited the stage.

He shall be missed and also remembered. For the grins and chuckles he brought to me and to others with his unusual characterizations.


Rest in Peace.
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