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Got this from Tsjo:


The Unicorn:

The Unicorn stands for Innocence. You have a
kind and gentle soul that is never bored of
dreams and hopes for a brighter tomorrow.

Strength: Usually optomistic, the Unicorn stands
also for purity within self and mind. Dreams
and fantasy often breeze across your mind
throughout the day, and maybe you get caught
day dreaming during important situations
because you can't grasp reality. Hope is one of
your more common illiminations to help you
through the day if things aren't going great.

Flip Side: Even though dreaming and make-believe
is wonderful, reality always seems to catch you
off gaurd and throws a punch. You can also be
naive and put on false hope that maybe things
will get better.

Congratulations! You have a Unicorn inside!

pic (c) Christy Grandjean aka GoldenWolfen

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