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Yao Chi's Diary

I should make a character sheet someday, but in the meantime I do have a few examples to use as guides.

This by Silvermoon Nightwing, provides good examples of colouration though the reptile portion of my tail should be longer before my tail fans out as wonderfully as it does: Yao Chi Plumage Aloft

This image by Tara K. Labus shows excellent anatomy and my personality, though my wing feathers should be coloured more in ranks like those of a parrot as seen in Silvermoon’s piece above: My very favoritest piccie of Yao Chi

This image by Skadjer in black and white ink captures my personality well:
Top of the Muffin Yao Chi !

This image by Andrea Koupal, shows my personality well though my tail feather fan should be more prominent and broad upon the end of my tail and there should be a pair of long trailing lures: Yao Chi in Rainbow Country

An illustration by Kei Kittora, shows my basic colouring though as in the image by Silvermoon, the reptilian portion of my tail should be longer before it fans out: Yao Chi on A Mountain Peak

Located here in the Napping Cat's Dream is The Yao Chi Profile.

Other places from most complete to least complete to see Yao Chi art are the following three:

Behind on updating but the most complete collection of Yao Chi images is The Artist Appreciation Project

Krazy Kelli’s Yao Chi Fan Club at DeviantArt

My gallery of Yao Chi Art at Dragon City

The select and very incomplete collection in my Live Journal Gallery
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