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Porn is in the eye of the beholder ..... But what is and is not porn ?

In a recent occurrence in a forum in which I have a modest presence, and which said forum shall go unnamed, I had an experience which has left me a bit upset and distressed. In truth I probably should not be, but sometimes the suppression of speech and communication can be shocking, even when applied gently.

I was posting in a thread which included people's favorite flash animations. There are many which I like and enjoy, and a few which really impact me. One, I find especially beautiful, meaningful and touching. In fact, I have yet to get to the end of it without getting teary eyed, in a pleasant fashion.

It is the flash introduction for a business that specializes in original paintings and prints of fantasy art. Very nice stuff, if my opinion is of any measure.

In fact, when I ran into a booth by this business at Comicon 2005 in San Diego, I stopped to tell them how much I enjoy this flash animation. I also had the outstanding good fortune to have the chance to shake the hand and thank their employee who himself created this flash animation.

Anyhow my post was deleted by the site operator and I received a private post informing me that I had posted porn and that it was not appreciated. I was told that I would not be ejected this time, though I could be. And that if I did this again, I likely would be.

I have never in my wildest dreams ever thought that this flash constitutes porn in any manner or form.

I have a personal policy of not posting porn or links to it anywhere on the net nor anytime. Ever. That does not mean I am antagonistic to what may for various folks be or not be porn. I just don't post it myself.

Anyhow, I am rather confused and of many mixed emotions.

Am I wrong in this case ?

Here is the link. Your thoughts are welcome.

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