Yao Chi's Diary (yaochi) wrote,
Yao Chi's Diary

Well I saw this Meme. But got varying results will the same input.

Which one do you think is the most appropriate result ?

This ?

You Were a Parrot

You are a master of language, and you use your wit to mock and tease others.
But you are also wise, and you often think carefully before you speak.

Or This ?

You Were a Snake

You have a primal energy that drives you to explore the mysteries of life.
A nearly immortal soul, you'll live a very long life.

Perhaps This:

You Were an Eagle

You are able to rise above the details of life and see the big picture.
A spiritual being, you tend to go beyond material concerns.

Or Maybe This:

You Were a Peacock

You carry yourself with beauty, dignity, and confidence.
You are able to see the past, present, and future with clarity.

Or was it this ?

You Were a Lizard

You are able to bounce back from adversity and regenerate what was lost.
Facing your fears and controlling your dreams comes easily for you.

So, why so many different results ?

You are thinking perhaps I jiggered the figures or changed my birthdate ? Nope, just submitted the meme with my actual information at different times.
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