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This is the food Meme apparently adapted from the BBC:

Since it is long, I shall place it under the cut:

1. Fresh fish - does this include sushi ? .... there is a difference between fresh and uncooked had my fill of sushi just days ago at Todai during Further Confusion. My favorite, is of course Swordfish, and I manage to have some several times a year. Outback Restaurants so far have never messed up my orders.
2. Lobster - I like lobster. Last had some at Todai during Further Confusion
3. Steak - I order the Stockyard at a local restaurant quite often.
4. Thai food - I love Thai and should eat it MORE often
5. Chinese food - My favorite Chinese restaurant is Fu Shing in Pasadena. Love the Firecracker Lamb and the Assorted Seafood Firepot. And for fast Chinese, I do like Panda Express. Can't get enough of the Szechuan Kung Pao Chicken.
6. Ice cream - I like ice cream, but what about Sherbet ?
7. Pizza - most especially if it is topped with FRESH GARLIC.
8. Crab - Ah crab. It is used in so many fish dishes. I order a lot of fish dishes.
9. Curry - I like curry, I like it a lot. Especially spicy ones. Nuff said.
10. Prawns - I like shrimp. They are good alone, and also as an ingredient.
11. Moreton Bay Bugs - I shall have to find out what this is.
12. Clam chowder - Yes and also Potato Chowder, Corn Chowder heck any kind of chowder.
13. Barbecues - Indeed, and my favorite is spicy barbecue.
14. Pancakes - I do like pancakes. But my favorites are hard to find. The batter for these is made with hoop cheese.
15. Pasta - doesn't Pasta make the world go round ?
16. Mussels - Round here one has to be careful. Seasonally the local mussels become poisonous. Usually there are signs posted when it is that season.
17. Cheesecake - Yes but the ones the consistency of pudding or pie are not my favorites. My favorite is a little tough to track down. You see I like my cheesecake to be about the consistency of hardened plaster. I like a really FIRM cheesecake. No worries. I have found a deli which has them just the way I like them. YAY !
18. Lamb - There are so many great ways to get lamb. And I mean lamb, not mutton. Moloukia with Lamb is very good, a Middle Eastern dish. So also is Firecracker Lamb, from the Fu Shing restaurant.
19. Cream tea - Hmmmm, is this like having high tea with scones ? Damn, I think I did that while staying with a family in the suburbs of London.
20. Alligator - but where will I find this ? I mean it should be easy since alligator is native to the Americas.
21. Oysters - I like fish, shellfish .... fish fish fish.
22. Kangaroo - Hmmmm, I have a sneaking suspicion that I have had this. But since I am not too sure, I will assume that I have not. Should be EASY to track down though.
23. Chocolate - What is a day without chocolate. Heh
24. Sandwiches - That is a pretty damned generic entry, but yes.
25. Greek food - Love Greek food.
26. Burgers - And most especially burgers from In And Out Burger.
27. Mexican food - Oh YES indeed. And here I reveal a secret. There is a food item not usually on the menu at the Acupulco chain of restaurants that is my hands down favorite. You will have to ask for it. The VIST DEL MAR. Be sure to remind them to include the little cup of butter sauce.
28. Squid - If you eat a lot of seafood, then you are sure to have opportunities for this.
29. American diner breakfast - That is a rather generic entry, but I guess it is certainly nothing like a continental breakfast. It is a real meal. But I am sure everyone is familiar with such.
30. Salmon - Salmon is great, but it definitely has a powerful flavor that is all its own.
31. Venison - Venison can be very good. The flavor of the meat is strongly influenced by the diet of the animals.
32. Guinea pig - haven't had this and aside from going to South America, I am not sure where I would find it.
33. Shark - Well, it certainly comes in cuts similar to Swordfish steaks. It can be good. But not as good as swordfish.
34. Sushi - Heh, plenty plenty plenty. Most recently at the Todai in San Jose during FC.
35. Paella - Yup Yup
36. Barramundi - I don't even know what this is.
37. Reindeer - not as far as I recall.
38. Kebab - Well this is essentially food cooked on skewers. Usually it is a mix of meat and vegetables, but sometimes it is only meat, or more rarely only vegetables. There is an Indonesian version of this that is sort of miniaturized which includes a peanut sauce.
39. Scallops - Indeed with various sauces.
40. Australian meat pie - I have had Shepherds Pie and Pasties, but I am not sure what Australian Meat Pie is.
41. Mango - Oh indeed but what about Papaya ! Everyone should get to try Papaya.
42. Durian fruit - not sure.
43. Octopus - This shows up often in Italian food and anywhere lots of seafood is available.
44. Ribs - Like who has not had ribs ?
45. Roast beef - Dittos. And I do like it a lot.
46. Tapas - I am blessed in having several Tapas restaurants in the vicinity.
47. Jerk chicken/pork - While I have not to my knowledge eaten the Pork version, I have consumed more Jamaican Jerk Chicken than you or I can shake a stick at. Hee Hee !
48. Haggis - not sure if I have had this or not. Should be able to track it down.
49. Caviar - Many kinds over the years. Possibly including Sturgeon Eggs.
50. Cornish Pasty - Perfect for the daily lunch box

But what about such things as:
51. Chili .... Done right it can be heavenly. And there are so many ways to do it.
52. Cuban food
53. Brazillian Cuisine
54. Tandoor Chicken
55. Middle Eastern Garlic Chicken
56. Peruvian Cuisine
57. Korean Food
58. Indonesian Food
59. Kiwi Fruit - these thrive on vines in the local area
60. Avocado - goodness knows that Avocados can be delectable.
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