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I am chuckling, and feeling entertained and amused....

I am feeling juiced. My fame increases of its own energy.....

*Violins begin to play tragic music* Oh woe is me. I have been discovered by the Portal of Evil and they have judged my character to not be up to their standards of whatever their standards are. Oh dear. Oh distress and etc. How shall I ever continue when folks who are not even my peers disapprove of me. Oh forsooth and etc.

No need to flame them folks, frankly they have caused me to smile and even chuckle. Here is a link if you want to see:


Please don't flame him or them at P.O.E. I genuinely am amused. Actually the reason I am so amused is because they are so juvenile. Please don't sink to their level, that is what they desire. *grins*
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