Yao Chi's Diary (yaochi) wrote,
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Bit of excitement at my Mom's home in Altadena this afternoon/evening.

I get a call from my Mom, while I am eating an early dinner with a friend at a local Chinese restaurant. She tells me there is a bear on the property and that there are all kinds of authorities and helicopters swarming around.

Since things are all a hullabaloo up there and the powers that be don't want folks wandering around outside, I decide not to try to get to the house.

Still, the local television stations are having a field day. Images of swarms of police standing at the boundary between our property and a neighbor's, watching the bear.

So what is the bear up to ? He is up in one of our Avocado trees having a nice rich meal. Yeah, more Avocados for him, less for us.

I see other video of the front yard of our house and the news reports the bear is being encouraged at this time to return to the mountains.

We shall see.

Edit just a bit after 11 P.M.
It seems the bear has moved over about 3 houses and is now up in someone's oak tree for the night.
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