Yao Chi's Diary (yaochi) wrote,
Yao Chi's Diary

Cutting through the bullshit

I am a regular reader of such sites as slashdot and digg. While reading on slashdot, the posts in a thread today about the morality or not of Google operating in China, in which clouds of bullshit were flying all about, This Poster, cut through all the crap to make sense in a way that just grabbed me completely.

While folks are arguing about who is the most pure and whether (Google) being in China or not is moral or not, this person took the wind out of so many vapid and self important arguments and in a plain and blunt statement vis a vis a bad situation, laid all these vacuous arguments to rest.

If Google continues to offer their censored search results with notes that certain results have been censored, then they ARE FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT and reminding their users that things could be better. Have the other search engines shown the brass to do this ? I doubt it.

Sergey Brin, you are doing the right thing in China. I heartily approve.

The entire slashdot thread can be found Here
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