Yao Chi's Diary (yaochi) wrote,
Yao Chi's Diary

Am I alive...........?............*blink,blink*.........I'm alive !!!

The ground rushes up so fast so fast, I am falling from the sky. Yet if not for the fact that virgin wings bear me aloft, I would have met the ground already. Wings. My wings. I have wings. I marvel. But no more time for distractions. The ground closes in, I can die here if I screw up, flare, flare, flare............touchdown........and I am running with the wind in my wings helping me slow.

braking and.......

I am stopped. My heart races, I breath deep and fast. I am shaking. From fear ? relief ? exhilaration ? wonder ? Don't know.

But dammit, I am alive. I'm bloody damn still alive. Hah ! Hah !

Something has happened to me. I have wings, and cannot explain what still seems so unreal. But, the powerful beat of my heart, that is real. The wind rushing in and out of my throat, that is real. The ground beneath me, that is real. That is enough, for now. I will settle for that.

Answers I will seek, but not just yet. Now is for rejoicing. I am alive.
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