Yao Chi's Diary (yaochi) wrote,
Yao Chi's Diary

I feel strange..........

A friend in an RP is currently playing as a headless corpse.. Presumably he is about to be handled and processed in some way, ultimately I hope to his benefit.

It is just RP. But it bothers me. His friends would like to be with him, or what is left of him. But the thread became overloaded with players and is thus closed.

We watch on the sidelines, while strangers play with his corpse.

Perhaps it is the lingering effect of what we saw done by subhumans within the last 10 days in Real Life, that reverberates through my spirit. The similarities are unfortunate. And I naturally rage at monstrocity anyway. Isolated, helpless, angry. Wanting to do something, and forced to do nothing.

Oh well, so it goes.

I shall seek to calm myself.

I am likely just emotionally confused.
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