Yao Chi's Diary (yaochi) wrote,
Yao Chi's Diary

No Flowers For Algernon To Be Found Here

Ah emoburd, I thought perhaps to enhance some small portion of your day in low style.

Damage to the Minds of Emus

There's ecstasy in agony
There's joy in deep despair
There's profound pleasure found in pain
Perhaps you've found it there.

When heartbeats move but poison
Which flows in sizzling pain
While morbid thoughts abound
And harrow up thy brain

Tis then the pickling force descends
And floods your sunless sea
You drown in the endorphins of
Exquisite agony

And lo observe the rising tide
An ocean oily black
Rainbows on its greasy spume
Breathe deep, now cough, now hack

Oh swim the sludge of industry
Soak up its septic slime
Your useless wings hang heavy
Besodden with its grime

And yet you fly, oh yes you do
Within inverted sky
A living death eternally
Each moment as you die

The depths to which you soar
Reflect your aspiration
Your vile disgust against your life
So full of indignation.

There is no future full of hope
No solace in the past
No purpose in your making plans
All hopes are turned to ash

But in your pain you do inspire
Our hearts to squeeze their goo
And cough up gobs of stringy phlegm
For that our thanks to you.
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