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Pale Blue Dot: An Unauthorized View

Some years ago I had my first encounter with the intellect of Carl Sagan, when he produced and narrated one of the best PBS documentaries that has ever been made. Cosmos. I fell in love with that program, its music and was mesmerized with Sagan's skill and elan and enthusiasm for what he was communicating. Years later, he wrote a book called Pale Blue Dot. Along with that, he began to record the audiobook to go with it. But before he could finish, he passed away, on December 20, 1996, the day on which, each year, that I celebrate my own birthday.

Some years have elapsed since Carl Sagan's passing, but the impact of his intellect remains. Recently, a fellow going by the name of Kasranov, based in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, was inspired to create, for all to share, his vision of what that book would have been like, had Sagan's narration been applied to telling the story for television.

What Kasranov has made of Sagan's work, is nothing short of amazing. I only wish that I could own a copy at full resolution on DVD.

So, here I give you the link to the blog in which he discusses the making of and offers free access to his video of Pale Blue Dot: An Unauthorized View: Chapter 1, Wanderers. It runs a mere 40 minutes as a google video and you will arrive at the end, eager for more.

It is also available on Youtube: Pale Blue Dot
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