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Well, swiped the latest incarnation of this from http://www.livejournal.com/users/xianjaguar/44828.html?thread=756508#t756508 who got it from the string of others who have posted it likewise, because it is so damnably sensible:
If the "other guy" wins on Election Day, I will not:

* Move to another country, nor even claim I want to. (However if you're serious and have the resources to do so, by all means, get out.)

* Say "He's not MY president." (If you live in the U.S., he *IS* your president. It's a fact.)

* Rant about how we're all going to be dead, in concentration camps, living under the eye of Big Brother, starving in the streets, and/or under martial law before the 4 years are up. (Mass hysteria is bad m'kay? Of course we've been living under the eye of Big Brother for years. Nothing new.)

* Call my fellow voters stupid (or worse) for their choices. (That's just ignorant and stupid.)

* Delete my LJ, or my art archive or abandon them in disgust. (Can we be a little more childish?)

* Say I no longer like or recognize this country. (You don't have to like it, but the country will exist no matter where you go. Deal with it.)

* Cease speaking to anyone, nor drop any of my hobbies and loves, nor change what I eat for breakfast, based on the outcome of this election. (If I even have to add anything to this, you're too far gone.)

* Claim that the voting was "unfair" and the other guy "rigged the election" or "Stole the Vote".

* Resort to "name-calling" and rude nicknames every time I make mention of the President. (Talk about third grade mentality. I see this one the most around the forums and LJ)
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