Yao Chi

The Journal of a Naive Dragon

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Yao Chi's Diary
20 December
Holy Simolians,

Can this really be ? Am I a dragon ?


This hardly seems possible, is it a dream or a nightmare ?

Shall I be as I am now for just a time, or will I always be thus ?


I do not know. But if I am to forever more be as I now am, then I shall do the best that I am able to do well and achieve excellence as such.


So .... what now ?

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I am but a wee feathered dragon. On all fours I am just 24 inches at the shoulder. I have feathered wings which almost span 20 feet, and upon the end of of my reptilian tail I have a voluminous spray of feathers which I use to enhance my aerobatic flying ability. My head is rather long for my size and upon my face is the permanent expression of a crocodile grin. My jaws are inhabited by veritable forest of wickedly sharp teeth. My head has a floofy downy crest which can rise and fall with my emotions. As for my colouring, I am brilliantly polychromatic, reminiscent of tropical parrots. Anatomically, I am lean and long legged and can run on the ground like a cheetah.
Strengths: Um .... Um .... Well .... I am really a rather genial little fellow. I enjoy the company of others. Play .... I love to play and run in the grasses and I admit it, sometimes to chase my own floofy tail. I am a team player. I wonder what that reveals about my species of dragon ?
Weaknesses: oh, Oh, OH. SUGAR, I love sugar. Sweets such as candy, cake, cookies you name it. Any rock in the sun is an open and nearly irrefusable invitation to curl up upon it and nap while soaking up all that free radiant energy from the superluminary.
Special Skills: Ich bin der floofinator. I may only be but a wee feathered dragon, but I am the master of floofy plumage.
Weapons: Pheather Phu the feathered dragon martial art. When you've got lots of plumage, you can do the Phu. Also a deep speaker of the ancient and revered martial art of PUNishment.
Youchy ! by Yao Chi

Overhead tumble not by plan

Ground slams claw, much pain and then

"Youchy !, Youchy !", he hollers out loud

Yao Chi’s fallen, from his cloud

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